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PCC March 2018 meeting minutes

70th Precinct Community Council 
MARCH 2018 Meeting Minutes

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Wednesday, March, 28th 2018
7:30 PM
Touro College
                   1602 Avenue J, Brooklyn, New York 
Ed Powell, President
Mary McRae, Vice President
Benjamin Shaffer, Treasurer
Nathan Thompson, Secretary
Giselle Nakhid, Sergeant-at-Arms

NYPD, Elected Officials & Other Guests

DI James Palumbo, Commanding Officer 
Captain Joseph Taylor, Executive Officer 
Detective Scott Nuzzi, Community Affairs
Det. Kim Walker, Community Affairs
Shawn Campbell for Community Board 14
Sgt Carlton Conheim,  Parks Dept
Dave Kinser for Councilmember Kalmen Yeger
Taryn O’Brien for Kings County DA’s Office
Bob Moskowitz for Flatbush Shomrim
Jacob Gold for Council Member Jumaane Williams
Walter McQueen for East 21st Street Tenant
Emmanuel Venbruan for Tennis Court Tennants Association
Ramona Cabreja and Somaya Carabi for Council Member Mathieu Eugene
Himself Assemblymember Robert Carroll
Robert Agyemane for Assemblymember Rodneyse Bichotte
Penny Ringel for the Mayors Office
Reverend Jean F. Beaulieu, Mohommad Nazir, Rabbi Perlstein, and Yahuda Eps Clergy Liaisons
Valentin Morales  Vamos Unidas
Aziz Hutt and Javed Khan for Pakistani Merchants Assoc
Bob Moskowitz Flatbush Shomrim
Mary Kay Seery on behalf of Assemblymember Robert Carrol

The regular monthly meeting of the 70th Precinct Community Council was called to order.  PCC President Ed Powell greeted all and invited everyone to join him in the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.  

He then acknowledged the various representatives of public officials and other distinguished guests present at the meeting (see above).  Ed also acknowledged the our hosts at Touro college, Josh Zuckleberg and Dean Goldshmidt for going over and above to accommodate us for the second time this year.

1 Expanding the meeting forums.
     Ed explained that the meetings are moving around from neighborhood to neighborhood each month in an attempt to increase participation.    

2. Robert Agemyemane from Rodynese Bichotte
     Robert explained the Assemblymember Bichotte was in Albany working on the budget.  Specifically he cited the Vital Brooklyn Initiative, A healthcare initiative to add more healthcare to the central Brooklyn Community.  She is working on $1.2million for the PS 152 and 315 playground renovations.  $300,000 for the Madison Square Boys and Girls Club (which is really the Thomas S Murphy Clubhouse on Bedford Avenue).  She is also focused on securing the funding for a YMCA extension.  She is also looking for locations for the Ambulatory Health Clinics within the district.  The Assemblymember is also hosting the Women In Finance Seminar.  Two seminars on financial independence and tax education.
    Finally he explained that May 7th is Haitian Unity Day in Albany.  They are busing out two groups to celebrate.  Call her office for more info 718 940-0428

3.  Mary Kay Seery on behalf of Assemblymember Robert Carrol.
        Mary Kay reiterated the objectives Robert had clarified and added that Assemblymember Carrol was again giving out free rain barrels.  Touch base with their office to get one.  

 4. Commander Palumbo presents Cop of the Month.
    He began by acknowledging Touro colleges openness to hold not only the precinct meetings but also the Sector meetings.  
    He assured us that this young looking Officer was old enough to buy beer.  But his young appearance had not kept him for doing an outstanding job this month.  Officer Delvechia was returning from transporting a prisoner and was alone in his patrol car. He  noted the excess tint on the windows of a Mercedes.  He realized this vehicle may have been involved in a recent shooting, and conducted a car stop.  The defendant was taken in for a small amount of marijuana, but a thorough search revealed a loaded stolen gun.  The driver was confirmed as a member of the G Stone Crip gang with 4 prior convictions.   Councilmember Duetsch's office, Assemblymembers Bichotte and Carrols office all also presented awards to the Officer.

 5.  Commander Palumbo goes over the crime stats.
     Over crime (following the indexed crime stats) is down for the 28 day period in the 70th pct by 8.5%.    And it is down 11.6%  for the year.  But there are a few categories where we are up. There is a small increase of burglaries in the Northern end of the precinct.  This pattern, they believe was driven by one particular consistent actor who was arrested the day before the meeting. He is suspected of up to 7 burglaries.   There is also an increase near Brooklyn College of "social media" robberies.  Robberies in which victims, particularly young ones, read about buying something online, usually on Facebook.  The most common ad involves advertising to men in their 20s buying fancy sneakers or laptops.  This pattern crosses over into the 71st precinct.   No arrests have been made, but they have 3 people of interest and expect arrests soon.  There has also been an increase of "lush worker" crime on the Q train.  This is an NYPD description that describes thefts from people who have fallen asleep on the train.  This month we had three which is a high number for this sort of thing here.  The crime happened on the subway so it did not necessarily happen in PPS but rather was discovered around Church/Beverly stops.  So while the "crime" may not have occurred exactly here,  that is where the crime gets reported.   
    There was a short string of broken window car break-ins.  Two cars lost credit cards that were used.  This led to an arrest.  This person is in custody.
     The CO noted the increase in cars with no license plates or out of state plates that don't match the car to which they are attached. They are using our streets as parking lots.  Inspired by complaints from neighbors and one elected official, this month the 70th identified and towed over 50 vehicles. 
     He explained that this is the season of parades starting in May through the summer. We should expect related traffic delays.
Finally the CO reminded us that  phone calls pretending to be from the IRS ask you to pay off tax obligations on the spot.
  6.  Sgt Carlton Conheim from the Parks Dept. 
        The Sgt explained that if we have any parks enforcement issues, 718 437- 1350.
For maintenance and operation issues, call 718 965 8900. These calls go to the Litchfeild Villa in Prospect Park.  But they handle all parks in issues in the Borough.

7.  PCC Secretary Nathan Thompson highlights the PCC website
     Thompson explained that the minutes are posted at
     He also took the moment to compliment Officers Sesay and Callender as well as their new Sgt Velez on the great turnout and managing of the Sector D meetings.

8.  Next meeting
   Scheduled for the 25th of April at PS 249 at the corner of Caton Avenue between Marlborough Road and Rugby Road at 7:30pm. 

Respectfully submitted,

Nathan Thompson

Minutes of March 2018
70 Pct. Community Council, NYPD