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70th Precinct Community Council 
SEPTEMBER 2017 Meeting Minutes

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Wednesday, September, 27th 2017
7:30 PM
P.S. 249  The United Cerebral Palsey Center 
175 Lawrence street, Brooklyn, New York  Officers 

Ed Powell, President
Mary McRae, Vice President
Maria Hazelwood, Treasurer
Nathan Thompson, Secretary
Giselle Nakhid, Sergeant-at-Arms

NYPD, Elected Officials & Other Guests

DI James Palumbo, Commanding Officer 
Captain OMalley, Executive Officer 
Detective Scott Nuzzi, Community Affairs
Det. Kim Walker, Community Affairs
Dale Degale Congresswoman Yvette Clarke
Mike Gregorio for Senator Felder 
Shawn Campbell for Community Board 14
Renee Luciano (new member) for Community Board 14
Dave Kinser for Councilmember Greenfield
Taryn O’Brien for Kings County DA’s Office
Bob Moskowitz for Flatbush Shomrim
Jacob Gold for Council Member Jumaane Williams
Walter McQueen for East 21st Street Tenant
Emmanuel Venbruan for Tennis Court Tennants Association
Soumia Chraibi for Council Member Mathieu Eugene
Ramona Cabreja and Somaya Carabi for Council Member Mathieu Eugene
Himself Assemblymember Robert Carroll
Rona Taylor for Assemblymember Rodneyse Bichotte
Robin Redmond for The Flatbush Development Corporation
Lauren Collins for the Church Ave BID and Flatbush Ave BID
Vicky May for  The Street Vendor Project
Imani Henry for  Equality for Flatbush
Pinkus Hikind for  Comptrollers Office
Penny Ringel for the Mayors Office
Reverend Jean F. Beaulieu, Mohommad Nazir, Rabbi Perlstein, and Yahuda Eps Clergy Liaisons
Minister John Williams from 70th Precinct Interfaith Council 
Roz Sokol for Steve Cymborwitz
Tovah Chasinough for Councilmember Duetsch 
Wayne Lamont and Walter Mqueen  for East 21st Block Association
Margarita Canina for Kings County District Attorneys Office
Valentin Morales  Vamos Unidas
Aziz Hutt and Javed Khan for Pakistani Merchants Assoc
Surprise "guest" Dominic Scotto from One Police Plaza

The regular monthly meeting of the 70th Precinct Community Council was called to order.  PCC President Ed Powell greeted all and invited everyone to join him in the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.  

He then acknowledged the various representatives of public officials and other distinguished guests present at the meeting (see above). 

1 Rabbi Perlstein has a few words
     He complemented the Precinct workers for saying "what can I do for you."  

2. Jake Gold from City Councilmember Jumaane Williams office.
     Mr. Gold announced an event put on by Ditmas Civic would be happening with the Councilmember's support called "Unity Night."  Tuesday Oct 15th is the first one in Williams district and he is excited to partner on this project designed to let immigrants know they are "as American as anyone else."

3.  Margarita Canina from the District Attorneys Office
        Margarita is a counselor for crime victims in the DA's office and wanted to put the word out to for victims to reach out to her.

 4. Ramona Cabreja from Councilmember Eugene's Office 
   As usual had nothing to say about her boss's activities.  No message of any kind.

5.  Dave Kinser from Councilmember Greenfeild's office
      The Councilmember is conducting a drive for Hurricane relief particularly for Puerto Rico.  4424 16th Avenue to drop off donations.

6.  Ed speaks on the 70th pct  "Night out against crime"
    Ed explained that this years had almost 800 people turn out and that is was a record success.  He wanted to acknowledge the Communuity Affairs team.  

9.) Minster Williams.
    Announced the official creation of the 70th precinct interfaith council.  This differs, he explained from the "clergy liaisons" as the clergy liaisons are appointed by 1 police plaza and commissioned to handle their roles.   He explained they become "default" members of the Clergy Council. The Interfaith Council will focus on gang issues.  They have a "God Squad" that goes out for shootings.  But he also explained they will interface with the business community as well.  Pastor Thornton will be the first vice president.  Their next meeting will be on Oct 18th.  

10.) Rona Taylor for Assemblymember Rodynese Bichotte
   Two quick announcements.  They did finally move after months of delays.  They are now at 1312 Flatbush /Foster.  She also wanted to thank the NCO officers, for having had a great "building the block meeting."

11.) CO Palumbo makes announcements
      The CO had a couple of announcements before getting to the stats.  He first seconded the thought that this was the best "National Night Out" since he has been attending them.
The first Deputy Commissioner attended and was amazed at the turn out.  Particularly the youth attendance was noted.  
      He broke it to us that Captain Megan OMalley has been promoted after only 8 months to her own Commanding position.   "She got exactly what she deserved" the CO explained.   He introduced a new Lt. Buvioua, about whom he have received a lot of great feedback so far.  
      Jounvert was a great weekend without a single shooting.  This was a welcome change from the last couple of years.  He credited the PCC and the Clergy liaisons for helping set the tone.  
      The CO mentioned that October is both Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Month and that they will be doing community outreach regarding both.  Oct 16th and 29th will have outreach groups  on Domestic Voilence in Newkirk Plaza and the Parade Grounds to talk about your rights and where you can get help.  
      Safe Horizon has not started working in the precinct.  If you don't feel comfortable talking to an NYPD officer, you can contact the Precinct and be connected with an independent member of Safe Horizon.
       He had a meeting with the Kings Theater to set up security for a large scale Thanksgiving giveaway and a Christmas program there are well.  

11.) CO Palumbo speaks on the Crime Statistics.
         Overall crime for the summer versus the previous summer (June 1st to Sept 1st) is down 31%.  Index crimes dropped from 387 to 268.  They cut shootings in half.  There were 4 shootings this year vs 10 the year before.    The only spike is in residential burglaries in the southern part of the district.  But he also cited Shomrins assistance in capturing a burglar responsible for 8 burglaries.   Grand Larceny Auto is also up (12 vs 6).  So while the stat is "up 100%, the numbers are still pretty small.  The common denominator is Honda Accords and Honda Elements.  These type of cars are being snatched all over the precinct.  
         He reminded us that in both cars and house burglaries, many were from cars left open and windows left unlocked.
          The CO told of a shooting on Woodruff  and East 21st  which some people shooting at each other hit an elderly bystander.  The shooter has been apprehended and 
the gun recovered.  But there were other participants still being sought.

12.) CO takes questions.
      The first came from Community Activist Duane Joseph.  He had an inquiry about the management of the lighting surrounding the Jouvert event.  Some neighbors complained that the lights stay up after the event and keep them awake at night. He wanted to know what the best way to approach the NYPD to have a conversation about timing of the lighting.  He wanted to initiate a larger conversation as it spills over into other precincts.  
The CO explained that the decisions regarding timing of the light set up are made at a Borough level from 1PP.   They begin planning meetings in June and the CO will invite affected residents to participate in the mertings next June.  
       Robin Redmond from FDC just wanted to say that Det Nuzzi did a "really stand up job" on the Cortelyou Road Flatbush Frolic.  
       Lauren Collins inquired about the plans for Halloween coverage along Church Ave.  The CO explained that they look at last years numbers and base the deployment on those.
        The CO closed, reminding us of the monthly NCO meetings, the date and times of which were on fliers in the back. 

13.) Next meeting venue change      

Ed Powell closed the meeting reminding us that the next meeting will be at P.S. 249 on Caton Avenue at Rugby Road rather than at the regular space.  

Respectfully submitted,

Nathan Thompson

Minutes of September 2017
70 Pct. Community Council, NYPD