Thursday, August 24, 2017

70th Precinct Community Council 
APRIL 2017 Meeting Minutes

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Wednesday, April, 24th 2017
7:30 PM
P.S. 249  The United Cerebral Palsey Center 
175 Lawrence street, Brooklyn, New York  Officers 

Ed Powell, President
Mary McRae, Vice President
Maria Hazelwood, Treasurer
Nathan Thompson, Secretary
Giselle Nakhid, Sergeant-at-Arms

NYPD, Elected Officials & Other Guests

DI James Palumbo, Commanding Officer 
Captain OMalley, Executive Officer 
Detective Scott Nuzzi, Community Affairs
Det. Kim Walker, Community Affairs
Dale Degale Congresswoman Yvette Clarke
Mike Gregorio for Senator Felder 
Shawn Campbell for Community Board 14
Renee Luciano (new member) for Community Board 14
Becky Stern for Councilmember Greenfield
Taryn O’Brien for Kings County DA’s Office
Bob Moskowitz for Flatbush Shomrim
Jacob Gold for Council Member Jumaane Williams
Walter McQueen for East 21st Street Tenant
Emmanuel Venbruan for Tennis Court Tennants Association
Soumia Chraibi for Council Member Mathieu Eugene
Ramona Cabreja for Council Member Mathieu Eugene
Himself Assemblymember Robert Carroll
Rona Taylor for Assemblymember Rodneyse Bichotte
Vicky May for  The Street Vendor Project
Imani Henry for  Equality for Flatbush
Pinkus Hikind for  Comptrollers Office
Penny Ringel for the Mayors Office
Reverend Jean F. Beaulieu, Mohommad Nazir, Rabbi Perlstein, Minister John Williams and Yahuda Eps Clergy Liaisons
Roz Sokol for Steve Cymborwitz
Tovah Chasinough for Councilmember Duetsch 
Wayne Lamont and Walter Mqueen  for East 21st Block Association
Eric Kumar and Taryn OBrien for District Attorneys Office
Valentin Morales  Vamos Unidas
Aziz Hutt and Javed Khan for Pakistani Merchants Assoc
Desmond G. Henry and Melba Thompson for Brooklyn Cathedral of Praise
Kendrick Davis from the Flatbush 7th Adventist Church

The regular monthly meeting of the 70th Precinct Community Council was called to order.  PCC President Ed Powell greeted all and invited everyone to join him in the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.  

He then acknowledged the various representatives of public officials and other distinguished guests present at the meeting (see above). 

1. Assemblymember Bobby Carrol speaks
     The Assemblymember thanked the Deputy Inspector for giving a presentation to the Assembly.  He then highlighted the green energy legislation that the assembly just passed in Albany. They passed the state budget recently and he will be having a town hall on the state and city budgets.  He says if there are cuts of more that $850 Million, it will affect NYC directly.   He reminded us to drop by and said that the turnout at the 70th is bigger than any in his district.

2.  Lisa Derrick for Rodynese Bichotte 
       She came by to highlight that the state budget (153.1 Billion dollars) was just passed.  Of particular importance to her was the "Raise the age" law that prohibits teens from being tried as adults.  She also brought up that state schools will have free tuition for students whose parents make less than $125,000 a year.   She spoke of their "senior luncheon" on June 22nd.  Information will be forthcoming

3.  Ben Seigel for Councilmember David Greenfield
        Mr. Seigel wanted to thank the CO for a presentation given at a local Shul.

 4. Jake Gold for Councilmember Jumaane Williams  
    The Councilmember will be holding a "State of District" address, the first of his second term. Tuesday May 9th 5:30 to 8pm at Huddie jr High School.  They have a Prom Drive looking for donations of delicately used prom dresses or tuxedos.   DOT is doing a study and planning improvements at the busy intersection of Foster / Bedford/ and Flatbush Avenues.  Possible enhancements may include street direction alterations or street light changes.  

5.  Councilmember Matheiu Eugene in the house
      The Councilmember wanted to take the opportunity to thank each of us for serving our community. He told the us how much appreciation the police officers deserve.  Without them "the teachers could not get to school to teach."  He said the budget this year will be a lot of money.  But with so much money, we still don't do enough for the children.  So many children are disaffected youth.  He is introducing local law 708 to have the city of New York create a task force with many commissioners that provide resources to young people.  Yesterday the mayor signed it into law he explained.  He reminded us that health is a very important issue to him.  He has two great hospitals in his district.   Now Kings County is in a leadership position because he gave them the cities best technology.  He did not say exactly what technology he gave them.  But he was very proud he provided this great addition "to the medical technology."  

6.  Ed Powell appoints a nominating committee for the PCC
  Ed announced that he was appointing Mavis Theodore, Walter McQueen and Victor Ortiz to the nominating committee to determine the slate for the next PCC term.  They will announce at the May meeting and vote at the June meeting.  Anyone who attended 4 meetings over the last year is eligible to vote.   

7.) Commanding Officer Palumbo Speaks.
    The CO began by saying that while he does not like to start off on a somber note, the 70th lost another Officer this month.  Officer Dave Gueverra died on April 7th.  His mother and sister were in the group this night.  The CO thanked them for giving us Dave for over 20 years.  He was a traffic safety Officer.  The CO then asked us to take a moment of silence.  
     He announced we are behind in our "Cop of the Month" honoring.  So tonight we have 4 Officers who seem to do it all.  "I could spend an hour going over how many arrests these four have made.  They all have bright futures ahead of them in the NYPD."
      The 70th is up 5% in overall index crime for the month.  (that is this 28 days over the last 28 days)  We are equal to this time last year.  A robbery increase in the last 28 day period came from 8 Robberies taking place.  Most were food delivery robberies.  People call in a delivery and rob the delivery person.  They got a team to two guys who were doing this and hope it is over.  Grand Larceny has a 13% increase almost all of which is from ATM skimming.  Specifically the CO called out TD Bank for being popular for criminals.
A magnetic slot captures your PIN number and is collected later.  They then clone your card and use it.  The CO was frustrated by the time it was taking the banks to provide video to the the ID thieves. 
        He also noted the amount of car break-ins.  Some people are leaving laptops in cars.  He cited the help Shomrim was to helping catch some car break in thieves.  Finally, he mentioned felony assaults.  Three incidents in the last 6 weeks involved Police Officers being dragged by cars attempting to escape.  Domestic violence also rises in hot, bad weather. They have made arrests in all cases and are working on prosecutions.  
        While they are up a bit in crime, their numbers are right where they were last year.
Last years numbers were a record low.  So tying last years, is still a win.
And to date, there have been zero shootings it the 70th for the 28 day period and only one for the entire year.  
         He closed by reminding us that passing yellow school busses is a crime and will be enforced with a heavy summons.  

10.) The CO takes questions/comments from the PCC Group
        Joe from "People Power" explained that his volunteer group is receiving guidance from the ACLU in asking for a 30 minute sit-down the the CO.  He explained the 71st pct is having theirs next week.  He claimed that Commissioner ONeill had confirmed the CO's could have these meetings.  The CO responded "Now that the boss said so, it's okay" and they will make a meeting time.  He had received a list of questions he will be prepared to answer.
       A resident of Hortense Court complained about a loud party club.   The club is very loud and periodically there are shots fired.  When he leaves with his daughters for school, groups are still out there drunk.  The CO responded that he has seen "shots fired" at 859 Flatbush and responded 3 times shutting down parties and issuing summonses. They are pulling video footage on that night to find the person who fired shots.  At the last event they confiscated all booze.  The issue is the tricky way they are operating out of the 3rd floor but functioning respectfully on the first floor.  But they have filed a "nuisance" complaint and are looking to shut the place down.  
      A resident of East 15 near Ave I, explained someone was beaten badly recently and that that there had been a murder there long ago.  The CO explained that the story of the "beaten" man was complicated and actually not true.  The CO did acknowledge that there have been burglaries over there and they are looking at some recently released convicts in the area.   The resident inquired about cameras for the area.  The CO explained that NYPD cameras usually only go out for shooting incidents.  
     A woman explained that she called about shots fired at Newkirk and Foster at 11pm.  The CO said they were looking to pull video to see what they could learn.

11.) Eric Kumar from the District Attorneys Office
      Mr. Kumar reported back on the DA's Immigration Forum (the fifth one) the previous Sunday.   As they were preparing it on Friday, they got another request from other agencies. So they are doing yet another one on Wed May 3rd at Medgar Evers College.
5:30 to 8pm.   Mr. Kumar explained that in these Forums, they discuss the constituents concerns.  They clarify that the DA is not I.C.E. and does not confer with I.C.E.  He explained that acting DA Eric Gonzales' position is that they do not ask about immigration status.  And in the event that there is an immigration issue, they consider it in plea bargaining.  This is specifically so that a "low level offense" does not result in deportation.  They will also discuss civil rights and hate crimes.

Ed Powell closed the meeting by reminding us that the next meeting will not be on the last Wednesday but rather the second to last one which is May 24th.  

Respectfully submitted,

Nathan Thompson

Minutes of April 2017
70 Pct. Community Council, NYPD